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who's Imane Elkabli?

Zoom sur l'artiste

Imane Elkabli is a Moroccan contemporary dancer born in Safi. Her artistic journey began at Nafass School in Marrakesh in October 2018, where she embarked on a transformative path. Along the way, she enriched her skills by participating in numerous masterclasses in contemporary dance led by international choreographers.
For Imane, her purpose as an artist goes beyond mere performance; it's about experiencing and conveying genuine emotions. Her artistry hinges on the authenticity of these feelings. Through dance, she delves into a profound exploration of human nature, both within herself and within the context of her culture and traditions.
Imane's artistic journey is not just about movement; it's a quest for self-discovery through the language of the body and a deeper understanding of humanity through the language of motion.

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