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Welcome to a world where we celebrate the rhythm and artistry of our dance. Here, in the heart of the Moroccan dance community, we thrive day by day. I am immensely proud to be a part of this vibrant community, embracing the role of a female Moroccan dancer.




Through this work, Imane is attemptingto illuminate her culture, specifically'Al Aita, within the framework of aphilosophical concept: transformation.Throughout our lives, we all experiencevarious transformations, but the questionremains: do we embrace these changes,and does society accept them?


Imane Elkabli

Contemporary dancer

Imane Elkabli is a Moroccan contemporary dancer and philosophy graduate.She work also as the coordinator general of the Marrakech short Film Festival. 
She attempts to incorporate her interest in movement, writing, and human nature into a philosophical framework in order to better understand the essence of the human self through her own experience.

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"Kifach" is a long-term artistic endeavor organized by espace Elmoutalate that invited imabe to be one of the artists exploring the question: "kifach?"
How does this chair connect me as a human being to my body?" In this artistic work, Imane  delves into the relationship between herself as a human and her physical body, symbolized by the chair. Through her way, she seeks to unravel the intricate bonds that tie her existence, identity, and physicality to this simple yet profound object.



 Safina" is a long-term artistic journey and project led by Amine alhrache.It is a project that sails into the inner worlds of artists from the city of Safi and their connection to this enchanting and mysterious city. Amine Naima, Amine , Younes Sefaoui, and Imane Elkabli  have all come together as part of this project.
For more details about the project, click the link below.


Outdoor activities ( yalah nkhrjo lyoum!) 

Yalah nkhrjo lyoum! 

Outdoor activities are workshops held in natural settings, consisting of sessions of meditation, yoga, free dance, poetry reading, writing, and other activities that engage the mind, spirit, and body. The idea to organize these outings arose from the need for moments of self-connectivity through different means.  These workshops are often held outdoors is due to the challenge of finding a dedicated indoor space. Therefore, Eman decided to initiate these outings, where she can share her various interests, spanning from dance and movement to writing and meditation 



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